HI, I'm Jessica. I'm a full-time mom, full-time nurse, and a bikini competitor in the NANBF. My goals are to be healthy, be a good example for my kids, to continue to get stronger, and to hopefully earn my pro card one day!
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When someone makes a nasty comment about a fit female, it hurts them just as it would anyone else, they are not indestructible and they have feelings. In fact, many women get into this sport in the first place after having been overweight at some point in their life, working off the baby weight, or to try and conquer their own food struggles. So when you see a girl that looks like everything comes easy to her, it doesn’t mean it has. She has the same insecurities as you do, and she is still a human being. By Cliff Wilson (via hashtag-gymlife)

Training stuff..

Yesterday I trained back with the husband and Elicia. Jae has posted videos of her training. She is strong as fuck. Not going to lie I was very nervous about training with her. Which was so dumb….For one she helped me a lot. She gave me good pointers on my form. I am more receptive when critique isn’t coming from my husband…imagine that. She also helped me with my deadlifts. I have been feeling so frustrated because I know I’m strong enough to pull more then I do but I can’t get the form down. So I am backing up and working on high rack pulls to nail my form first. I’m hoping this helps. I NEED deadlifts to help me build my backside!
Also, I pushed myself harder. I mean I didn’t want to look like a total wuss!

I know that when it comes to change and trying new things in the gym I get nervous and flustered. I still feel like a newbie because alot of the people I train with and around have been training for years. I have been training for 3. I have learned a lot but still have a ton to learn. I also don’t put enough time into learning more about training but there are only so many hours in a day.
Goal for right now is to be more flexible, open-minded, and to fucking relax. I’m stronger then I give myself credit for and shouldn’t be intimidated by anyone or scared of trying new things.

In case you didn’t know…

Being a parent is so hard. Every single decision I make impacts my children. And I always wonder if I am making the right ones. It really is just trial and error. I hope today wasn’t an error.

I decided to take my youngest daughter out if the in-home daycare she has been going to since she was a newborn. My kids have been going their since T was a baby (7+ years). Since I work from home I decided I can handle having one kid home with me all day. Plus it saves us a lot financially. I just hope it all works out! I need ideas on how to keep her occupied for several hours per day besides electronics…help!

I cannot believe my little princess is going to Kindergarten today. She is so excited! I am too…but a tad emotional. She has her first day outfit picked out, new backpack with all of her supplies, hair done…she is ready to go! I’m not sure I am ready to let her go and I see some tears in my near future. I am a proud Mama and I know she is going to do great today!